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An eco-friendly flatweave made of fine quality wool and recycled sari silk, the Tamil  rug brings one-of-a-kind charm to transitional style spaces. The deep gray and white color palette creates stylish contrast on the intricate repeating pattern, keenly accented by braided fringe for a worldly bohemian touch.

Available in different aizes, inquire.


About Undyed Wool

Sheep come in dozens of colors from light greys to bright whites and soot black to butterscotch brown. Each is different, just like our undyed wool rugs.

Our undyed wool rugs have distinctive variations indicative of the different sheep .

We believe the softest wool comes from happy, living sheep. Raised to roam and sheered annually.

The sheep lend us their wool for luxuriously plush carpets. Soft to the hand, beautiful to the eye. Distinctive.

While washed and cleaned, our undyed wool rugs are free of all dyes and chemical treatments.


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